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Save $250 on this MSI RTX 3060 Ti gaming PC for Intel Gamer Days

MSI is celebrating Intel Gamer Days sales by slashing the price of its RTX 3060 Ti gaming PC, alongside gaming laptops, gaming monitors, and more

MSI RTX 3060 Ti gaming PC against a white background with a mouse and keyboard next to it

Now is perhaps the best time to grab a gaming PC, as we see graphics card costs plummet following two years of eye-watering price tags. Still, no one wants to pay the full whack if they can help it, which is why we’re always keeping a keen eye on deals. Intel Gamer Days promises over a week of discounts on technology, starting with the MSI Aegis RS gaming PC.

If you order one before September 4, you’ll save $250 USD on the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti powered MSI gaming PC, bringing the price down to $1,749 USD. Accompanying the GPU is a watercooled Intel i7-12700KF CPU, a 1TB NVMe SSD for all your games, and 16GB of the latest DDR5 RAM. Although this is the minimum amount of memory we recommend to match the system requirements of new games, there’s room to upgrade later down the line with two more slots.

Although we suggest wiring your rig to your router or trying out a Powerline Adapter rather than using wireless to game, it has built-in WiFi 6E to cover any scenario. Using a graphics card from team green means you’ll be able to use Nvidia Reflex, which lowers system latency to help you hit your shows, and Nvidia DLSS, which uses AI to help boost fps. And finally, it also comes kitted with an MSI mouse and keyboard to get you started.

Folks in the UK can get a similar specced Alienware Aurora R12 gaming PC £350.99 (20%) cheaper, bringing the price down to £1,399. It features the same GPU, amount of storage, and capacity of RAM. The only difference is that the watercooled processor is a generation behind being an i7-11700KF.

Overall, there are tons of deals for Intel Gamer Days, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re on the hunt for something specific.