How to toast in Multiversus

You can give Multiversus toast to other players to show appreciation for an enjoyable match and to spread positivity in this ultra-competitive fighter

Multiversus toast - two slices of toast on a blurred background.

Want to know how Multiversus toast works? To promote good cheer in this light-hearted, yet competitive fighting game, Player First Games allows players to commend a teammate or competitor after a match. Toasting someone’s performance rewards players with a slight boost to their in-game currency. Think of it as a ‘Like’ on YouTube videos or other social media posts, as a way of thanking your allies and adversaries for an excellent match. If you ask me, more games need a system like this to promote a positive atmosphere.

Multiversus toast comes at a premium as it requires you to spend in-game coins. You get 25 coins for each toast you receive. In addition, you need to toast other players to unlock three similar achievements, the most time-consuming being giving out 100 toasts to other players.

Multiversus toast: the match results screen showing an option to "give toast" to players above their character. The top right corner shows how many toasts the player has left.

How to give Multiversus toast

To give Multiversus toast, click the icon above a player’s character at the end of the match. The match ends when your teams have played two or three games in a series, or when one of the players drops out. Giving Multiversus toast sends 25 in-game coins to your chosen player.

Multiversus toast: the option to buy ten more toasts in exchange for 350 in-game coins.

How to get more Multiversus toast

You start with a healthy stack of Multiversus toast to hand out to other players, but there are currently three ways you can get more slices of the highly coveted bread product:

  • Buy more toast from the collection screen in the main menu. Click the toast with the heart and a plus sign to purchase ten toasts for 350 in-game coins.
  • Level up a character to level 3 to get five toasts. You can get up to 80 toasts by doing this with the entire roster.
  • Level up the Battle Pass. During the open beta season, you can earn five toasts in the free version at tier 4, while leveling up the premium version gives you ten toasts each at both tier 6 and tier 12.

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