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MMO New World April update adds hotkeys for targeted healing

New World's April update includes a bunch of welcome fixes and new quality of life improvements, including hotkeys for healing each member of your party

A woman in red and gold phoenix-themed costume holds a levitating orb in New World.

Being the party’s healer is a demanding job, because it’s crucial to be topping up the right damage dealers at the right time, and that can be tricky in the heat of battle. Amazon MMORPG New World has just made that a bit easier with its April Update, which adds new hotkeys for the target healing system so you’ll always be patching up the correct comrade in arms.

The April Update is out now, and it adds a healthy selection of nice new quality of life enhancements. Bow combat has been tightened up, for example, with the removal of input buffering when you’re coming out of aim-down-sights – this should make those accidental hip fires less common.

Perhaps the nicest addition, however, is assignable hotkeys for life staff combat. Now you can assign a hotkey for each member of your party to target them with healing while using the life staff. As you can imagine, that will undoubtedly make healing duties much easier in particularly frantic fights, and you can find the new keybind options under the ‘Key Bindings’ tab in settings – they’re in a section dedicated to life staff combat.

Another nice chance in the April Update makes it easier to find your way around in town. When you enter a settlement now, your map will automatically zoom in on that settlement, rather than remaining at the default zoomed-out view.

If you’ve been rolling with a blunderbuss build based on the Refreshing Move perk, you’re going to have to go back to the drawing board. Amazon Games says the perk, which reduced active weapon cooldowns by a set amount for each pellet that connected with a target, was overpowered. It’s been removed from faction-issued blunderbusses as well as the Troublemaker and Troublemaker 9000, and has been replaced with Refreshing. The Pirate’s Pieces (T5) has had Refreshing Move replaced with the Vicious perk.

The official patch notes have all the details for the April update, which weighs in at 6.9GB on Steam. According to the New World 2022 roadmap, we’ve got the Barnacles and Black Powder expedition, the expedition finder, and a special summer event to look forward to in the near future.