New World fast travel locations – how to fast travel

Everything you need to know about fast travel in New World

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If you’re fed up with traipsing around the New World map on foot, especially as the new MMO game has eschewed mounts entirely, then you need all the New World fast travel locations to get around efficiently.

You can fast travel from any settlement in the region, but you need to pay up in Azoth in order to make the journey. The amount of Azoth that you’ll have to fork over depends on the distance of your travel as well as your encumbrance level. The price can be reduced somewhat, with discounts for the faction that controls the region. If you’re just beginning your journey in Aeternum, here’s how to choose a faction in New World, as well as tips for getting started with our New World beginner’s guide.

Fast travel is relatively simple; just travel to a settlement and open the map to select a settlement you want to travel to and click ‘fast travel’. Another nifty, free way to fast travel is by checking into an inn – you can easily return to the inn by selecting it on the map and choosing ‘recall to inn’. However, there is a cooldown on this ability, so don’t get caught out. Now you know how to fast travel in New World, here are all the New World fast travel locations.

New World fast travel locations

You can also only fast travel to any settlement, outpost, or spirit shrine that you have previously visited, so this isn’t a quick way to unlock new areas of the map. You can use this handy interactive map to find all outposts, spirit shrines, and settlements in the desired region.

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You can also fast travel to your home as well as inns, but you can only check-in to one place – and once you fast travel back to the inn or home, a one hour cooldown begins before you can fast travel again.

Now you know how to fast travel, here’s where you can quickly find the best fishing hotspots in New World, as well as New World gems and how to use them.