New World server transfer guide – how to change servers

How to transfer your New World character to a different server for free

A New World character stands on a clifftop looking out at distant mountains

Wondering how the New World server transfer system works? When Amazon’s MMO first launched, servers were quickly overwhelmed with players eager to start adventuring on the island of Aeturnum. This led to immense queue times in several regions, and Amazon added hundreds of new servers to allow players to get started as soon as possible.

To encourage players to begin their quest on one of these newer servers, Amazon Game Studios decided to grant each player a free server transfer token when the server transfer service becomes available. This token allows players to join their friends and reassess their server choice once things calm down a little.

When New World server transfers initially went live, the process resulted in a few unintended glitches, including a gold duplication bug that led to the transfers being closed down again. Transfers were later re-enabled and are currently live. There are a few things you need to know before packing your bags and leaving for a new server – here’s how to transfer your New World character.

New World server transfer status

New World server transfers are currently live again following a short outage as a result of a bug.

How to complete a New World server transfer

Before transferring, ensure you leave your company and remove all your trading post buy and sell orders, and leave your character in a settlement or outpost. Also note that your friends list will not carry over, so say your farewells now.

When you transfer, you keep your levels, currency, inventory, quest progress, houses, and crucially, your New World faction alliance. Bear this in mind if you intend to join a different faction on your new server. You can change factions once every 120 days, but you cannot switch to the faction that controls the most territory on the server. Therefore, if the faction you want to join on your new server controls the most land, be sure to switch factions before switching servers – that is, of course, if that faction isn’t also dominant on your current server.

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Once you’re ready to move servers, it’s time to acquire your character transfer token. This can be obtained for free from the in-game store after logging in to the character you want to transfer. Simply open the store, navigate to the ‘World Transfer’ section on the left, and redeem your free single use token.

The available servers will be displayed – choose your destination and click ‘Select World’ to proceed. There is a final confirmation screen before you lock in your server transfer.

If you don’t have a free character transfer token available, you may be out of luck for now. New players are not eligible to receive a free token, and they cannot be purchased at this time.

That’s all there is to it – if you’re interested in PvP on your new server, check our New World PvP guide; we’ve also got a guide on how to get the best New World gear and find the best New World fishing spots.