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How to get Nightingale Alchemical Ink for crafting

To explore new Realms, you must first craft Nightingale Ink, used to print new Realm Cards and open portals to more incredible worlds.

Two Nightingale Realm Cards and the Alchemical Ink used to craft them.

How do you craft Nightingale Ink? Nightingale is a survival game which takes you through a series of stunning, randomly generated realms, pre-determined by the Realm Cards you use to get there. To print new and interesting new Realm Cards, though, you need to get your hands on some ink.

There are almost too many crafting recipes to count in Nightingale, so the crafting game genre title isn’t attached lightly. So much so, in fact, that it can be quite hard to work out what you need to craft certain items, as you may need to build a series of benches and craft other resources before you’re even close. Nightingale Ink is one of those, but we’re here to simplify the process and get you on track to make new Nightingale Realm Cards in no time.

The Nightingale Alchemical Ink recipe as seen in-game in the Mortar Station UI.

How to get Nightingale Alchemical Ink

To craft Nightingale Ink, you first need to have built the Simple Mortar Station. The blueprint for this can be purchased from an Essence Trader, and you will need a Simple Saw Table as well. With the Mortar Station built, the Alchemical Ink recipe is automatically unlocked, and requires Refined Pigment and glass.

You can also craft Refined Pigment at the Mortar Station, using mushrooms, berries, or other pigmented resources. Glass, meanwhile, is forged in a Smelter using any raw gems. Combine the two in your Mortar Station to obtain Alchemical Ink.

Like many other items, such as Nightingale twine, Ink can also be purchased directly from an Essence Trader if you need it in a pinch, but it’s much more worth your time to build the stations required to make it yourself, as it’s much cheaper in the long run.

Now you know how to craft Nightingale ink, you can go forth and craft new realm cards to take you to wondrous new places in the survival game. While you’re at it, you’re going to need Nightingale Stone Blocks, and, naturally, the best Nightingale weapons you can get your hands on.