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Nightingale reviews fall to ‘mixed’ on Steam amid early concerns

New fantasy survival game Nightingale is out now, but it’s off to a rough start with mixed Steam reviews amid connection issues and bugs.

Nightingale - A yellow-eyed figure with a mutation around their neck.

Nightingale is finally here, but it’s been met with launch struggles as reports of connection issues, progression-breaking bugs, and a need to play online result in ‘mixed’ Steam reviews just one day after launch. In a crowded market amidst the launch of Palworld, Enshrouded, and Smalland, alongside established names such as Valheim, Sons of the Forest, Rust, and Ark, it looks like Nightingale is going to have a bit of an uphill climb.

Nightingale is a gorgeous new survival game from Inflexion Games that sees you travelling across rifts into fae realms and fighting all manner of dangerous fantasy creatures. Boasting solo and co-op play and with a pleasingly distinctive look, Nightingale looked poised to succeed – but right now holds just a 54% positive user rating on the Valve store, awarding it the ‘mixed’ Steam reviews score.

Chief among the common complaints is Nightingale’s online-only requirement, even when playing single-player. “Developer’s decision to force players into a constant server connection even for solo play was a mistake,” one player writes. “For now it’s a refund.” Others bemoan server response time: “I’m playing alone yet it feels like I’m playing on very high ping,” another user remarks. “I really want this game to succeed but jeez I can’t take it anymore,” yet another says.

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Players have also complained of a lack of in-game notification for upcoming server maintenance, with updates only being provided via the game’s social networking channels, meaning many were kicked out of active sessions. Keep an eye on the Nightingale server status to check whether servers are down, and when planned maintenance is due. Among the other issues listed are some players getting stuck and being unable to progress past the tutorial.

Of course, it’s very early days. Server issues are certainly nothing new and if Inflexion Games manages to overcome this initial hurdle then there’s plenty of potential. With a launch peak of 47,569 concurrent players on Steam, there’s a lot of interest; hopefully, these issues will be resolved quickly so that everyone who wants to play can do so.

If you are among those playing, we’ve picked out the very best Nightingale weapons that you’ll want to collect, along with where to find and how to beat all Nightingale bosses you’ll encounter on your journey.

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