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All Nightingale bosses and how to beat them

Here are all the Nightingale bosses and how to beat them, so you can collect rare Realm Cards and restorative Essence Dust on your travels.

What are the Nightingale bosses? You can expect to run into various enemies on your trek across the Realm Network, but none are as formidable as bosses. These powerful entities stand between you and the rarest rewards in the Faewilds, and defeating them can often unlock additional Realm Cards for your collection. Thankfully, we’ve got the boss strategies to help you beat them with ease.

Before we get started, it’s important to bear in mind that Nightingale bosses are separate from Nightingale Apex Creatures. While the latter could be considered the ‘bosses’ of their respective biomes, they aren’t hostile by nature, whereas this lot below won’t hesitate to tear you limb from limb. While taking on a boss alone is possible, we highly recommend teaming up in Nightingale multiplayer if you’re not looking for an undue challenge in the survival game. A high Nightingale gear rating will take you far in your quest to beat every Nightingale boss, so be sure to equip the best Nightingale weapons to make mincemeat out of the Realm Network’s fiercest foes.

All Nightingale bosses

Here are all the Nightingale bosses in order of appearance:

  • Fabled Automaton Knight

Fabled Automaton Knight

Location: Antiquarian Site of Power
Rewards: Antiquarian Card, Essence Dust

The Fabled Automaton Knight spawns into the inner sanctum of the Antiquarian Site of Power only a few seconds after you activate the altar mechanism, so hold off on flipping that switch until you’re ready – remember to replenish your health and stamina with food if you’re running a little low. It’s likely the earliest boss you’ll encounter in the open-world game, and while it is a mechanically straightforward fight, it can be tough when you’re going up against it with early-game equipment.

Once summoned, the Fabled Automaton Knight glides around the arena at a sedate pace, but be prepared for its lightning-fast dash once it focuses on you. The Magick-imbued sword it summons can tear through your armor and health in one blow, so get ready to dodge if you’re within its range. While you can remain at a safe distance and chip away at its health with your sling bow, rock missiles are fairly ineffectual against its armor, and it’s tough to get a clear shot if it decides to chase you. Instead, we recommend switching to your maul and giving the Fabled Automaton Knight a good whack, then retreating before it can counter your swing with its own. As intimidating as it may be, this fight requires more brawn than brains, and you should be able to reduce it to scrap metal with minimal fuss.

Once the Fabled Automaton Knight is destroyed, head over to the Hope Echo on the altar to retrieve the Nightingale Essence Dust and speak to Puck to unlock the Antiquarian Card.

Now that you’re ready to take on the Nightingale bosses, your next stop should be the Nightingale Sites of Power to put that knowledge to the test. We also recommend swinging by the Nightingale Realmic Transmutor if you’ve got any Minor Cards that could work in your favor. On that note, we’ve also got a list of the Nightingale Realm Cards if you fancy a change of scenery as your traverse the sundered Realm Network.