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Nightingale dev addresses issues amid ‘mixed’ Steam reviews

Fantasy survival game Nightingale has launched on Steam to a mixed reception, but developer Inflexion Games is targeting key complaints.

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New fantasy survival game Nightingale has had a troubled launch. It’s already reached a peak Steam player count of 47,569 after its launch on Tuesday, February 20, a pretty impressive number – if not quite that of survival rival Enshrouded, or other big breakout 2024 hits such as Palworld, Helldivers 2, Last Epoch, and Granblue Fantasy Relink. Yet Nightingale Steam reviews currently sit at a ‘mixed’ 58%, with users positive about the game’s look and promise, but bemoaning its online connection requirement and the current level of polish.

Developer Inflexion Games is hard at work on Nightingale updates; it previously announced that it is “prioritizing and developing an offline mode that we plan to release as soon as feasible.” That’s good news for those looking to play the survival game alone, but now we have a more detailed update on the other key issues being looked into.

First up is players not matchmaking into their closest regional servers. Inflexion says Nightingale places you into the server with “the lowest ping at the time of spinning up a realm for the first time.” With the next patch, the team says you’ll now be able to see your chosen region and override that, although this won’t apply if you’re visiting another friend for Nightingale multiplayer.

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An exploit to get infinite Nightingale Essence Dust has also been found, where you can buy water for less Essence than you get from selling it. Inflexion gives a nod to the “savvy users” that discovered this, but remarks that it will be fixed with the next update. A bug causing all the Nightingale weapons on your hotbar to be replaced with shovels is purely a visual glitch, but a fix for this is also in the works.

The team is also investigating why portals are sometimes not appearing in the Swamp tutorial realm, and crashes resulting from dying or disconnecting while in the tutorial. Some of the other crash issues under investigation are resulting from graphics settings defaulting to ultra, or other hardware and software issues. Inflexion recommends ensuring your drivers are up to date, but also asks users with problems to send support tickets with their details to help resolve them quickly.

If you’re still playing, we’ve got the details on how to beat all Nightingale Apex Creatures. But if you’re holding off while you await a fix for some of these more annoying problems, we’ve got more of the best co-op games you can enjoy with friends.

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