Nioh 2 is going all-in on PC settings

The Nioh 2 - Complete Edition for PC has a new trailer out that shows off its new PC-only features

Developer Koei Tecmo is pulling out all the stops for Nioh 2’s PC port. A new trailer for Nioh 2 – Complete Edition provides a rundown on what PC players can expect when the challenging Souls-like game arrives in February, ending its PlayStation exclusivity.

The PC version of Nioh 2 supports some of the best performance-enhancing monitor technology on the market right now, including HDR, 144Hz refresh rates, and screen resolutions of up to 4K. You’ll be able to tweak settings as you see fit: the game supports fullscreen and borderless window modes, has an adjustable rendering resolution scale, and allows you to set framerate caps, among other PC-specific settings. If you’ve got the hardware, Nioh 2 will also support ultra wide-screen monitors for that truly cinematic presentation.

While Nioh 2 is definitely the kind of game we’d recommend playing with one of the best PC controllers, you purists out there will be pleased to learn that it also supports keyboard and mouse, and those controls are fully rebindable.

Here’s the trailer, which you can watch in 4K at 60 fps, courtesy of IGN:

As we learned late last year, Nioh 2 – Complete Edition will be coming to PC via Steam, and it’ll be featuring some special new bits of gear to celebrate that partnership – including an absolutely hideous samurai helmet made of an RGB keyboard and mouse fitted with a huge red valve on the back.

While you wait for the February 5 Nioh 2 release date, you might check out some of the best samurai games available on PC.