No Man’s Sky update 4.0, Waypoint, caps off the “biggest jump so far”

The No Man's Sky 4.0 update, called Waypoint, includes hundreds of quality of life improvements aimed at both new and returning space game enthusiasts

No Man's Sky update 4.0, Waypoint, caps off the "biggest jump so far": A space explorer stands near their ship, looking out over a beautiful mountain range with the rings of a nearby planet filling the bright sky

The No Man’s Sky update 4.0, Waypoint, is finally here, and it’s called Waypoint. It’s a ‘generational’ update that accompanies the space game‘s arrival on the Nintendo Switch, but as we learned in our interview with creator Sean Murray, it includes a huge number of updates for players on PC as well, whether they’re brand new to the game or seasoned pioneers.

Hello Games says the Waypoint update includes overhauls to No Man’s Sky’s inventory, cataloguing, milestones, and game modes. Ships, weapons, and players all are getting “greatly increased” level caps, and players will now be able to fully customise settings for survival, crafting, and combat.

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Waypoint introduces a new ‘relaxed’ game mode that de-emphasises combat and survival and focuses on the pure experience of exploring the sandbox of No Man’s Sky’s colourful galaxy. If you’re coming back after some time away from the game, you’ll find that there’s a new information portal that contains a handy summary of all your progress and tracked goals.

There’s a new continuous save system as well, as Murray explained to us in our interview. That’s meant to make No Man’s Sky more compatible with the Switch, but it’s something players on any platform will be able to take advantage of.

Finally, there’s some huge changes to in-game inventories, as the level cap for the player themselves, as well as their weapons and ships, has been increased by quite a bit. You’ll also be able to customise core elements like the control, crafting, survival, and combat systems.

Hello Games describe Waypoint as “perhaps our biggest generational jump so far,” commenting “it’s an exciting moment, and marks a solid foundation for future updates. You can read the full Waypoint patch notes on the No Man’s Sky official site, with the update going live today (Friday, October 7).

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