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This Hellblade 2 driver is essential for Nvidia GPUs

Nvidia GeForce driver 555.85 brings Game Ready goodness to four huge new games, as well as new optimal settings for Ghost of Tsushima.

Hellblade 2 Nvidia Game Ready Driver

If you plan on playing Hellblade 2 on PC, this new Nvidia driver will ensure your graphics card is up to the task. Nvidia GeForce Driver 555.85 is available to download now via the Nvidia App, GeForce Experience, or from the Nvidia website right now.

Sometimes having the best graphics card isn’t enough, and the additional support and optimizations Nvidia offers through Game Ready Drivers can make the difference between acceptable and amazing performance on its GPUs. This latest update brings support for Hellblade 2 and three more big games, while also adding optimal settings for four recent releases and some game-specific bug fixes.

Driver 555.85 brings Game Ready optimizations for Hellblade 2, EA Sports F1 24, XDefiant, and Serum. Having this driver installed makes sure you have everything you need to support your GPU when playing these games.

Hellblade 2 benefits from having support for Nvidia DLSS 3, including frame generation, as well as Reflex. Meanwhile, Serum has all of this plus DLAA support, and EA Sports F1 24 has all the above features, plus ray tracing. XDefinant only has Reflex support at this time, but future updates could bring additional features.

Four recent releases have also now been given profiles for Nvidia’s Optimal Playable Settings system, which reviews your hardware and suggests which in-game settings will work best. The latest games to get these profiles are Ghost of Tsushima, Bellwright, Homeworld 3, and Infection Free Zone.

Nvidia G-Sync support is also coming for 11 compatible displays with the driver, including models from LG, Philips, Asus, Dell, and IODATA. A full list of displays can be found on the Nvidia website.

Finally, two bug fixes have been added. One fixes random gameplay crashes on Nvidia GTX 10 series cards when playing Tekken 8, while the other lowers GPU utilization in Horizon Forbidden West while Reflex is using the “on + boost” setting.

If you’re planning to play Hellblade 2, you can check out the Hellblade 2 best settings for max fps on PC, but make sure you download this driver first.