Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 GPU boost clocks may approach 3.0GHz

New rumours point to the RTX 4000 flagship graphics card possibly boasting 2.8GHz boost clocks, making the Nvidia GPU one of the best for PC gaming

An Nvidia GeForce RTX GPU, that won't look too disimilar from the ones found in the RTX 4000 series, including the GeForce RTX 4090

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 is shaping up to be an absolute monster of a GPU, and new rumours claim the RTX 4000 flagship could boast significantly higher boost clocks than its predecessor. While spec increases are largely part and parcel when it comes to new pixel pushers, this increase would be around 1.0GHz higher than team green’s best graphics cards.

Information on the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 boost clocks comes by way of kopite7kimi. The leaker says “it’s easy to reach 2.8GHz, at least not very hard” in reference to the AD102 GPU that will likely power the top-tier RTX 4000 card. This puts the powerful pixel pusher’s specs just shy of exceeding the RTX 3090 Ti by a massive increase of 50%.

While it’s impossible to know just how much this will help to boost fps in the best PC games versus current generation graphics cards, these higher clock speeds would undoubtedly play a significant part in pushing the performance envelope. That said, you’ll probably need to equip your gaming PC with one of the best power supplies on the market, as Nvidia RTX 4000 GPUs could be particularly power hungry.

We don’t yet know how competitive the RTX 4090 will be versus AMD RDNA 3 graphics cards, but Nvidia may have already squandered a potential head start for its upcoming GeForce GPUs. The RTX 4000 launch may have suffered a slight delay, bringing it and the Radeon 7000 release date perhaps closer than team green would like.