Nvidia’s RTX 3060 is spotted in the wild ahead of its rumoured release date

Set the date in your calendars

The recently announced Nvidia RTX 3060 is due for release this month and, if scalper inflation doesn’t interfere, it will become the cheapest card in the RTX 3000 range with an MSRP of $329 – primed to become the best graphics card for the best cheap gaming PC. Although Nvidia hasn’t stated exactly when the card will be released in February, the folks over at Wccftech say we should be able to get our hands on one come February 25 at 6am PST.

Nvidia doesn’t expect its stock situation to stabilise for a few months yet, meaning the RTX 3060’s launch is likely to be just as messy as its predecessors, if not worse as it’ll be entirely dependent on third party models with no founders edition card this time around.

If you’re in desperate need of a next-gen graphics card and you don’t want to pay over-inflated reseller prices, you’ll definitely want this date saved in your calendar and your F5 button at the ready.

If a post on Reddit is anything to go by then the RTX 3060 launch is already off to a weird start. Redditor He_never_sleeps claims to have stumbled upon two Gigabyte RTX 3060 on shelves in an unnamed European country, and picked one up themselves.

Got my RTX 3060 non-Ti today… no free PCI slots. Hashrate assumption? from EtherMining

They also claim that they can’t get the card functioning in Windows due to the lack of drivers before release. If a consumer has actually been able to purchase the card two weeks before release, we can’t imagine Nvidia will be very happy with the retailer in question if it’s found out.