Dinky Nvidia RTX 4060 graphics card pops up in leaked photos

Leaked Nvidia RTX 4060 photos reveal what could be the GPU giant's entry-level Lovelace graphics card, but there's some confusion surrounding its name.

Nvidia RTX 4060: GeForce graphics card with green speed line backdrop

We’re still waiting for an Nvidia RTX 4060 release date announcement, but leaked photos of the GeForce graphics card are already making the rounds online. While the images give nothing away regarding specs, they reveal that’ll be potentially much smaller than existing RTX 4000 cards.

If you’re on a budget and itching to upgrade your rig, chances are you’re waiting for the Nvidia RTX 4060 to enter the best graphics card race. At the moment, the cheapest available Lovelace GPU is the RTX 4070 Ti, but it’s hardly what we’d describe as mid-range in terms of specs and price. Rumours suggest its unannounced sibling, the vanilla RTX 4070, will only be $50 cheaper, so some PC gamers may have to hold out a 4060 option that perhaps costs less.

Thankfully, photos shared by KittyYukko on Twitter suggest the RTX 4060 Founder’s Edition is in the pipeline, and it’s what we’d call a smol boi. Weirdly, the leaker says the card is actually an RTX 4060 Ti, despite the fact we can see non-Ti text on the shroud (via Videocardz). Of course, there’s every chance that OP knows something we don’t, as there could be Ti innards lurking within the branded shroud.

Tweet by KittyYYuko with attached RTX 4060 photo on left

It’s worth stressing that there’s no way to confirm where the leaked RTX 4060 images are legit, so keep your usual grain of salt to hand. Even if the photos are real, Nvidia notoriously likes to change its mind about launch plans, and even the leaker appears to be confused about what SKU this actually is.

Nevertheless, the leak is hopefully a sign that a smaller, cheaper RTX 4000 graphics card is coming. Ideally, we’d love to see it arrive alongside the RTX 4070 on April 13, but it’s hard not to be nervous about the potential price of both.

If Nvidia abandons the idea of affordable graphics cards completely this generation, it could give AMD a chance to shine. The likes of the Radeon RX 7900 XT and XTX are already putting up somewhat of a fight when it comes to price, as the latter card is $200 cheaper. However, we’re hoping the Radeon RX 7800, 7700, and 7600 will continue the affordability quest, something that may ultimately encourage Nvidia to follow suit.