Old School RuneScape gets a Steam beta test

"We're still some way from releasing on Steam, but first we really need your help"

Earlier this year, Old School RuneScape developer Jagex announced the classic-style MMORPG was headed to Steam next year. There’s no Old School RuneScape Steam release date to jot down other than sometime “early in 2021” just yet – but, things are moving ahead, with the studio now having announced the launch of a Steam closed beta.

“We’re still some way from releasing on Steam, but first we really need your help,” the MMO’s developer says in a new blog post. “Here’s the thing. Our official client, made in Java, doesn’t work very well with some of Steam’s core features. So, we’ve been working on a new game client built in C++.” As well as “playing nicely” with Valve’s platform, the dev adds, the shiny new client will also add GPU support, boosting the game’s performance, as well as cap your frames-per-second to your display’s refresh rate. “All in all it’ll make Gielinor a far more welcoming place,” Jagex says. Lovely stuff.

To test the new client out, Jagex has just launched a Steam closed beta test, which will be conducted through Valve’s platform. The beta test’s already live, and the registration page for joining the beta can be found here if you’re keen to try and get a spot.

Those selected as testers will get an email from Jagex with a Steam beta key and instructions on how to dive in. You can find out more about this in the blog post linked above, as well as an FAQ page here.

There’s no end date for the Steam beta just yet, either. Jagex says it’ll be sending out invitations in batches “at a manageable number (in their hundreds) to ensure we can focus on getting quality feedback”, and that it’ll keep the testing open for as long as is needed to gather the feedback and data it requires.

“We can’t wait for you to get stuck in and break it! Tell us what’s wrong, tell us what needs to be fixed, and help make our Steam release awesome!” the studio says. While you wait for OldSchool RuneScape’s arrival on Steam, be sure to take a look at our lists of the best MMORPGs, free MMOs, and upcoming PC games to keep a weather eye out for.