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Outer Wilds re-emerges with a new trailer and an all-new look


It’s been quite a while since an alpha build of Outer Wilds took home the grand prize at the IGF Awards – almost three years, in fact. But the striking space exploration game now has a brand-new trailer, and it’s clear that a lot has happened since we last looked in.

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The trailer (which you can watch above) begins with a cozy campfire, where we’re roasting a marshmallow with our friend the banjo-playing deep-sea diver. But the peaceful scene is interrupted when we’re all sucked into space by several large tornadoes.

Outer Wilds says it’ll have you exploring a “hand-crafted solar system,” and it really does look lovely and strange. The new art style has a kind of cel-shaded Firewatch look to it, which is a massive jump forward from what we last saw. Contrast the new trailer with what we saw in 2015 with the alpha:

Outer Wilds is set for release sometime this year. You can find more information at the official site, and on the game’s new Steam page.