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Outriders just got a patch for one of its most annoying bugs

The bug that marked everything in your inventory as new is gone now, thank the maker

Three Outriders classes posing as the ground blazes

Outriders just got a chonky (3.4 GB on Steam) patch, which as promised makes some welcome improvements to its loot system. The rate for legendary item drops has been doubled, for example, and developer People Can Fly has reworked the luck system. But now that the patch notes are here, we’re thrilled to see that one of the co-op game’s most annoying bugs has finally been squashed: you no longer will have ‘new item’ notifications on everything in your inventory each time you open it up.

We can’t speak for other players, but there’s something about having ‘unread notifications’ in a game that’s inherently stress-inducing. Just as they are in other apps, these little bubbles or indicators are designed to draw your attention to something. In Outriders, they appear as little yellow-coloured corner markers on items you’ve just picked up. Once you’ve moused over the item, the indicator goes away. The problem is that the game has been marking everything you’re carrying with them each time you open your inventory – prompting us to mouse over every item we’re carrying each time we pop open that screen.

The ‘General Patch Notes’ section of the update, which you can read in full on the Outriders subreddit, includes this line: “Fixed an issue that was causing old inventory items to be marked as new.” Phew!

There have been plenty of reasons to be annoyed at Outriders since launch, and this patch addresses a few others as well. Multiplayer connectivity has been improved, and there have been fixes applied for several crashes. Certain instances of gear mods not working correctly have been addressed, including one that prevented Feed the Flames’ ash effect from triggering in multiplayer.

People Can Fly says it will have more news about the second run of the player appreciation package it’s working on soon, and that it hopes it will be ready to deploy by Thursday – but that’s dependent on tests the studio is currently running.