Outriders Worldslayer patch is so big it needs two Reddit threads

The latest Outriders Worldslayer update includes a truly dizzying list of changes - in fact, it's so extensive that it needed multiple Reddit threads to explain

Following in the footsteps of the base game, Outriders Worldslayer expansion has had a bit of a tough launch: players have complained that Worldslayer is too focused on buildcrafting and doesn’t add enough new story content. While the latest Outriders Worldslayer patch doesn’t address those issues in the co-op game, it does make enough tweaks, fixes, and quality of life updates to require two separate subreddit threads to explain.

The threads split the latest Outriders patch notes into ‘General Changes and Bug Fixes’ and ‘Balancing Changes,’ both of which cover a substantial amount of ground. While it’s still early days, fans seem to be pleased, by and large, with the changes introduced in this update, which include the addition of item locking (to prevent favourite pieces of gear from being accidentally mass-dismantled) and improvements to the quick-mark system.

“We want players to have as much choice and as many viable build options as possible,” the studio says under the patch notes’ subheading of ‘Preamble.’ “When new players join Outriders, we do not want there to be a single answer to questions regarding ‘what build should I play?'”

The patch also reduces requirements for Apocalypse-tier levelling – each level now costs 10% less, starting at tier 20. Similarly, crafting costs for gear upgrading, starting at level 50, have been reduced by 5%, while the amount of anomaly extract you get from Tarya Gratar’s troves has been increased by 500%. The buff to the apocalypse variant drop rate gained after apocalypse tier 11 has been increased for each tier as well.

The balance changes are extensive, and include updates for every Outriders class. The Technomancer’s Blightfire ability has had a couple bugs addressed – as People Can Fly put it in the notes: “Shit was broken. We fixed it.”

Check out the complete list(s) of changes at the links above.