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Overwatch 2 anime brings us back to the multiplayer game’s beginnings

Blizzard Entertainment's first episode for its Overwatch 2 animated series has gone live, and it gives us a glimpse of the game's early lore.

A robot and little girl sit at a children's play table, hosting a pretend tea party

Overwatch 2 has stood as one of the most popular multiplayer games since its initial release, prompting Blizzard to dip its toes into the growing pool of animated series adaptation popularity. The studio announced that it would be heading a brand-new anime comprised of a few shorts filled to the brim with lore. Overwatch 2‘s animated show, dubbed Genesis, was set to tell the origin story of Overwatch and the Omnic Crisis. Earlier today, we got our first look as the series’ pilot short dropped.

The animation’s first short is titled Dawn, and it stands as the first part out of three lore-filled videos in total. Dawn focuses primarily on the relationship between humans and machines, detailing how Omnica Corp scientists like Dr. Mina Liao contributed to the spread of artificial intelligence. Liao, a prodigy with an unfortunate streak of arrogance, pushed the limits of “perfection,” hoping to create something bigger out of the robots.

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As a result, a war was waged between artificial intelligence and humanity. Liao went on to become one of the Overwatch founders, hoping to fight her own miscreations. You can expect to watch the second episode of Genesis next week, on Thursday, July 13. The follow-up short, titled Innocence, will most likely pick up on Omnica Corp’s experiments as they go wrong.

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