Overwatch 2 Moira skin idea is the perfect Diablo 4 crossover

The Overwatch 2 Moira changes have been pretty significant so far, but this skin idea would completely transform her into Lilith, the antagonist of Diablo 4

overwatch 2 moira skin lilith diablo 4: Ginger female scientist holds up a conical flash with yellow liquid

A new skin idea for Overwatch 2’s Moira would transform the Irish support character into Diablo 4’s big bad, Lilith, creating the perfect mashup of Blizzard’s FPS game and the classic ARPG.

With the Overwatch 2 release date finally in sight (although sadly there are no more betas ahead of launch), all eyes look to the sequel of Blizzard’s iconic FPS, hoping it will inject some excitement into what has been a relatively stagnant title.

The Diablo 4 release date, however, remains shrouded in shadows. While 2023 seems to be promising, the next instalment in Sanctuary’s saga of strife has undergone a plethora of delays, leaving fans somewhat sceptical until a concrete release is announced.

If you’re looking to channel some Diablo 4 energy, though, a new Overwatch 2 skin idea for Irish Talon Scientist, Moira, transforms her into Lilith, the stunning yet terrifying antagonist of D4.

overwatch 2 moira skin lilith diablo 4: demon woman with horns and blue eyes glares into camera

With Sombra already having a Demon Hunter-inspired skin from Diablo 3, Babil Games’ lead 2D artist Ahmad Abu Al-Roz has designed a Moira skin in the style of the Mother of Sanctuary herself.

Lilith’s signature twisted horns sprout from her head, with her demonic, leather wraps clinging tight to her body. Golden inlays decorate her worn armour, weathered with age, while mysterious sigils are engraved into both the leather and bone.

What truly completes this design, though, is her back plate, which wraps around her neck to connect to her Biotic Grasp. Made of a monstrous skeleton whose tongue hangs limply against her back, it feeds her souls to transform into weapons – no rest for the wicked, after all.

Her Biotic Grasp abilities are also reimagined in deep ruby and aquamarine, akin to the game’s health and mana potions respectively. Upon popping her ult, she acquires a set of ghostly looking, tattered wings, that look like they’ve walked straight out of the Diablo 3 cosmetic store (specifically the Rise of the Necromancer ones).

“I was so hyped for the Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 releasing soon and watching the cinematics, I got the idea to make a fanart skin that combines both worlds,” they write. “After a couple of days of research I found various similarities between Moira and Lilith and thought that they could work together when combined” – and they are right.

You can check out all of the concept images here.

overwatch 2 moira skin diablo 4 lilith concept art images

Considering Lilith is this writer’s video game crush, I’d love to see something similar to this make it into Overwatch 2 – it’d be the perfect way to celebrate Diablo 4’s release, right? Until then, though, I’ll content myself with checking out the Overwatch 2 system requirements so that, if Blizzard releases this skin, I’ll be able to dive right in.