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Here is Overwatch’s upcoming Petra map in action

Overwatch single-player

Blizzard provided an extended peek at Overwatch’s newest map, Petra, during Overwatch League action Saturday night. The map features overlapping paths, a breakable section of floor, and artwork and sculpture from the ancient real-world city in Jordan.

Anyone who’s seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade will instantly recognize the carved facade of the Al Khazneh, or treasury, which features prominently into the new Overwatch map. Inside is a maze of caverns and pathways, opening into sunlit courtyards with paths along multiple levels.

At the center of the map, there’s a spawn point for a new mega health pack, situated on a destructible floor that Doomfist shatters in the teaser video, which you can watch below.

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Camp tents pitched outside and high-tech equipment set up in the caverns suggest Petra is a research site for someone in the Overwatch universe.

Petra will debut Tuesday as the Overwatch anniversary event kicks off. We’ve seen leaks of the new skins already, and Blizzard have said the event will feature brawls from past events.