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Overwatch’s engineer Torbjörn slams down turrets in new trailer

Overwatch Torbjörn

Over the last couple of week Blizzard have been throwing all kinds of Overwatch videos at us. So far we’ve seen full matches played as the likes of Reaper, Tracer, McCree, and Mercy. But today it’s Torbjörn’s turn to take the spotlight. He’s a burly bearded engineer, which of course means he build turrets. 

Torbjörn collects scrap metal dropped by dead enemies to cobble together a supportive turret, which can be upgraded with more scrap if you have it. Torbjörn’s useful for more than just building automated shooters, though. He can deploy armour cores for allies to pick up and buff their defences with, and his Ultimate ability overheats his suit to provide increased stats in armour, attack, building, and repairs.

Overwatch is scheduled to go into open beta this autumn.