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Overwatch This episode 16: Blizzard defends nerfs and talks PTR rewards

Overwatch This episode 16

Hot on the heels of Blizzard’s Developer Update video is episode 16 of Overwatch This. There’s hot discussion to be had about Blizzard’s reasoning for the latest wave of buffs and nerfs, plus the idea of PTR rewards to consider. So why not click that ‘play’ button and get started?

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Stand-in hosts Phil and Matt will guide you through this week’s topics, which we handily run down in bullet-point form below:

  • The new spectator mode health bars.
  • Blizzard’s PTR philosophy, and ideas on how to reward players who use it.
  • Blizzard have defended the controversial buffs and nerfs applied in the latest patch. Do we feel better about them now?

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