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Overwatch This episode five: Sombra, Season 3, PTR tweaks, and the Overwatch League

Overwatch This Episode 5

Enough to fill a World of Warcraft group or an acceptably sized booth at the local, Overwatch This reaches its fifth iteration. It’s a bumper episode this week as there’s plenty to talk about, and 100% less angry rants than last time.

For more of what’s coming next in Overwatch updates, we’ve got you covered.

Building the discussion ultimate this week:

  • Sombra and her latest developments. We’ve reached something of a mellow middle-ground between anger and ambivalence on the whole issue.
  • All the developments from Blizzard’s longest PTR yet. D.Va becomes the new queen of Overwatch.
  • The changes to Competitive Play Season 3 and why they’re being made (we’re all worse than we thought).
  • Bobby Kotick’s semi-announcement of a Blizzard-run Overwatch League.

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