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How to get Pacific Drive Lead Platelets

Pacific Drive Lead Platelets can help negate the devastating effects of radiation in the Exclusion Zone, so here’s where to find them.

A Pacific Drive Lead Platelets sits on the workbench back at the auto shop.

Where can you get Pacific Drive Lead Platelets? The Olympic Exclusion Zone is subject to a range of conditions and weather effects, but few are as harmful as radiation. While it isn’t as prevalent in the Outer and Mid-Zone areas, the Hot Dust Anomaly has no qualms about popping up at random to corrupt the immediate area with sickly yellow energy. To make matters worse, the Deep Zone is positively brimming with the stuff, and without sufficient protection, your chances of survival are slim.

Thankfully, you don’t need to burn through all your First Aid Kits to survive radiation and stay alive in Ironwood Studios’ driving survival game. You can unlock radiation protection upgrades for both your car and yourself back at the Auto Shop, but you need Pacific Drive Lead Platelets to craft them. Lucky for you, we’ve scoured the Exclusion Zone to track down the junctions with the highest spawn rates, so you can head into Pacific Drive’s late-game areas without a care in the world – well, mostly.

The Lead Shielding panels that contain Pacific Drive Lead Platelets as they appear in ARDA field stations in the Blistering Woods.

How to get Pacific Drive Lead Platelets

You can get Lead Platelets in Pacific Drive by traveling to the Blistering Woods in the southwest of the Outer Zone and destroying the Lead Shielding panels surrounding ARDA field stations.

These field stations are located off-road in dense woodland, so be prepared for a trek beyond the safe confines of your car. You can pick out their location by the blue sodium vapor lights around their perimeter. The Lead Shielding panels themselves are mounted to a metal frame, and you can destroy them using your Scrapper.

ARDA field stations appear throughout the Zone, though they seem to have a higher spawn rate in the Blistering Woods when compared to other junctions. They’re usually stocked with a large supply of electrical equipment, and we highly recommend scrapping everything in the vicinity if you’re short of valuable crafting materials. You can always use a Pacific Drive Transmuter to convert any surplus.

The station wagon decked out with lead-lined car body parts, constructed with Pacific Drive Lead Platelets.

How to use Pacific Drive Lead Platelets

You can use Pacific Drive Lead Platelets at the Workbench and Outfitting Station to craft lead-lined car parts and radiation equipment. Remember that you must unlock the requisite Fabrication Station blueprints and equipment upgrades to craft everything below.

You can use Pacific Drive Lead Platelets to craft the following:

Item Requirements Station
Lead-Plated Door x6 Lead Platelet, x6 Glass Shards, x2 Steel Sheet Workbench
Lead-Plated Panel x8 Lead Platelet, x3 Steel Sheet Workbench
Lead-Plated Bumper x10 Lead Platelet, x6 Rubber, x2 Steel Sheet Workbench
Lead-Acid Battery x12 Lead Platelet, x8 Copper Wire, x4 Chemicals, x10 Plastic Workbench
Lead Apron x15 Lead Platelet, x20 Fabric Outfitting Station
Lead-Lined Labcoat x25 Lead Platelet, x35 Fabric Outfitting Station
Radiation Suit x30 Lead Platelet, x50 Fabric, x30 Olympium Fragment Outfitting Station

Now that you’ve gathered enough Pacific Drive Lead Platelets to kit out your car with as much radiation protection as you need, it’s time to venture further into the Zone. Keep an eye out for Pacific Drive ThermoSap Crystals, as well as Pacific Drive Unstable Energy and Corrupt Energy – you’ll need them all to unlock new upgrades and progress through the driving game’s main story. Finally, check out our Pacific Drive review to see what we thought of this ‘90s conspiracy thriller.