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How to use the Transmuter in Pacific Drive

Trash becomes treasure with the Pacific Drive Transmuter, so here’s how to use it and exchange your common items for rare resources.

The Pacific Drive Transmuter as it appears in the Zone, illuminated by a flare and its own blue lights.

How do you use Pacific Drive Transmuters? These massive machines are commonly found in ARDA buildings like radio towers and portable cabins, and while they certainly look like they could be of use, you may struggle to figure out exactly how they work.

If it helps, you’re not alone. As our own Pacific Drive review explains, Ironwood Studios’ survival driving game is “built on intuitive principles,” which can occasionally leave you clueless. Thankfully, we’re here to explain exactly what Pacific Drive Transmuters do and how to use them to your advantage. While their usefulness highly depends on whether they spawn with the correct parameters for your situation, you might get lucky – and a bit of luck is all you need in Pacific Drive. Without further ado, here’s how to use the Transmuter.

The display panel on Pacific Drive Transmuters that show the input and output, as well as a blue pie chart of its number of uses.

How do Pacific Drive Transmuters work?

Pacific Drive Transmuters allow you to convert a certain amount of one resource into another. Interact with the Transmuter to open its inventory and deposit items, then close it to initiate the conversion process.

The resource conversions vary per Transmuter, as indicated by the two icons located at the top of the display panel. The icon on the left is the input, whereas the icon on the right is the output. If you place the wrong item in the Transmuter, the conversion process fails and it spits spit it .

The number of items required also varies. Some Transmuters may offer a 1:1 ratio of input and output, while others may demand a large stack to produce a single item. Unfortunately, the only way to find out is through trial and error. Depending on the resource, you may find a high conversion requirement is still worthwhile – especially if you’re in dire need of Pacific Drive ThermoSap Crystals and other items tied to the crafting game’s story progression.

Finally, the blue pie charts on the display panel represent the number of times that you can use the Transmuter before it’s completely exhausted. Keep an eye on the number of segments in each pie chart as you use the Transmuter.

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