How to upgrade Palworld base level

Tips on how to upgrade your Palworld base level, as well as the requirements for each rank and the rewards you get for reaching milestones.

Palworld base level upgrade - two people sat down having food next to a fire. Some Pals are sleeping and breathing fire.

How do you upgrade the Palworld base level? One of the first things you need to do when starting a new campaign is set up your operations base. However, you soon get an objective to upgrade your base level, allowing you to eventually make new bases elsewhere and put additional Pals to work.

So, if you want a near-endless supply of wood, stone, and all other materials in Palworld, you must meet the level requirement to bring in new Palworld Pals. Unfortunately, the list is only found in one place in the open-world game: the Palbox you build at the base. Not only do we tell you how to upgrade your base level, but we also have a list of each of the required items needed per rank.

The Palbox showing the requirements to upgrade the Palworld base level.

How to upgrade Palworld base level

To upgrade your Palworld base, you must meet the requirements for each level set at the Palbox. You first need to craft one, then access the missions tab to see a list of objectives. Once complete, you can select the Base Upgrade to increase the base’s level.

Palworld base level requirements

Here are all the Palworld base level requirements and rewards:

Base Level Requirements Reward
1 N/A Max Pals working: 1
Max bases: 1
2 Build a Wooden Chest
Deploy a work Pal to the base.
Max Pals working: 2
Max bases: 1
3 Build a Primitive Workbench.
Build a Shoddy Bed.
Max Pals working: 3
Max bases: 1
4 Build a Feed Box.
Build three Straw Pal beds.
Max Pals working: 4
Max bases: 1
5 Build Campfire.
Build Berry Plantation.
Deploy four work Pals to the base.
Max Pals working: 5
Max bases: 1
6 Build Pal Gear Workbench.
Build Statue of Power.
Max Pals working: 6
Max bases: 1
7 Build Crusher.
Build Stone Pit.
Build Logging Site.
Max Pals working: 7
Max bases: 1
8 Build Hot Spring.
Build Primitive Furnace.
Build two Berry Production.
Max Pals working: 8
Max bases: 1
9 Build High-Quality Workbench.
Build Medieval Medicine Workbench.
Deploy eight Pals.
Max Pals working: 9
Max bases: 1
10 Build a Cooler Box.
Build a Sphere Workbench.
Max Pals working: 10
Max bases: 2
11 Build Cooking Pot.
Build Wheat Plantation.
Build Mill.
Max Pals working: 11
Max bases: 2
12 Build Weapon Workbench. Max Pals working: 12
Max bases: 2
13 Build two Fluffy Pal beds.
Deploy 12 Pals.
Max Pals working: 13
Max bases: 2
14 Build Sphere Line Factory.
Build Power Generator.
Max Pals working: 14
Max bases: 2
15 Build Weapon Line Factory.
Build High-Quality Hot Spring.
Max Pals working: 15
Max bases: 3

Those are all the Palworld base level upgrades and how to get them. Since you’re here, you may wish to know if you can move your Palworld base. We also have some tips on how Palworld fighting works, including the element type chart and a complete Palworld map with all the regions explained.