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Palworld Black Marketeer NPC guide – all locations, Pals, and items

If you have contraband, or even stolen pals, you’ll want to know the location of the Black Marketeers so you can offload your goods.

Who is the Palworld Black Marketeer? While it isn’t a fully-formed system just yet, there will eventually be a system of contraband in Palworld, and even the ability to steal pals from other players. Getting rid of your illegal goods, though, that’s the tricky part, and exactly where the Black Marketeers come in.

Life in Palworld is certainly an interesting affair – our very own Nat’s Palworld early access review explains this perfectly. You can live peacefully, if that’s your thing, or you can stray to the dark side of pals, dipping a toe into the illegal. For those two who do stray to the wrong side of the tracks, the Black Marketeer is an NPC that will come in very handy, especially if you’re trying to smuggle the rarest of the Palworld Pals in the early access version of the game.

Palworld Black Marketeer: a man with grey hair stands outside a mineshaft.

What is the Palworld Black Marketeer?

The Palworld Black Marketeer is an NPC you can speak to who is willing to buy anything you have, including contraband and stolen pals.

They also sell pals of their own. The pals on sale from the Black Marketeer are usually much rarer than your regular merchants, and as far as we’ve seen, come with no legal ownership drawbacks.

Palworld Black Marketeer locations

Here are the locations of each Black Marketeer in Palworld’s early game:

  • West of the Desolate Church waypoint, in an abandoned mine.
  • West of the PIDF Tower Entrance waypoint.
  • Outside of the Dunshelter Ruins.
  • West of the Beach of Everlasting Summery waypoint.

Each Black Marketeer has different stock and will restock once per day, so it’s worth checking in with each one to see if they have anything particularly rare for sale. You can check our Palworld map guide for more precise coordinates or pinned locations.

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