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All Palworld commands

Take control of your base and world with these Palworld commands to create the perfect playing environment for you and your players.

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What are all the Palworld commands? When you’re in charge of a server in Palworld, there are various parts of the world that you can control with a few simple lines of text. These are console commands, and if you want to create a smooth and enjoyable experience for your world’s inhabitants, you’d do well to learn them.

While single-player Palworld console commands require third-party software, several Palworld admin commands are available for those running a dedicated multiplayer server. They can’t improve your Palworld base, or award you with rare ingredients like Palworld pure quartz but these Palworld console commands can ensure your experience is as enjoyable as possible.

Palworld console commands: a man standing before a huge white dragon creature.

All Palworld commands

While playing on your dedicated multiplayer server, open the chat box (enter key) and type in one of these codes:

  • /BanPlayer{SteamID} – Ban a specific player from your server
  • /Broadcast{Message} – Display a message for everyone on the server to see
  • /DoExit – Shut down the server
  • /Info – Display server information
  • /KickPlayer{SteamID} – Kick a specific player from your server
  • /Save – Save the game
  • /ShowPlayers – Display a list of players current on your server
  • /ShutDown{Seconds}{Message} – Sets a timer for the server to shut down, as well as a message to any players currently playing
  • /TeleportToMe{SteamID} – Teleport a specific player to your location
  • /TeleportToPlayer{SteamID} – Teleport to a specific player’s location

Now that you know how to handle your players with Palworld commands, you shouldn’t have any issues running an efficient, friendly, fun server.

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