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Where to get Palworld Pure Quartz

Palworld Pure Quartz is needed for crafting circuit boards, but where can you find this specialist material? We've tracked it down for you.

Palworld pure quartz can be mined in the snowy biome

Where do you find Palworld Pure Quartz? This material is needed for crafting circuits, which will in turn unlock electronic machines and increase your base’s productivity as a whole. You’ll need to know where to head to gather it first, though, so we’ve got you covered.

Take some Palworld Pals that know how to mine, as well as some Cattivas or other Pals that are known to increase your carrying capacity, as pure quartz isn’t a light material at all. Once you’ve found the right spot on the Palworld map, you’ll soon be able to find as much of the material as you need for your Palworld adventure.

Palworld pure quartz location: the snowy biome is circled on the map

Palworld Pure Quartz map location

You can find Palworld Pure Quartz in the Astral Mountain – the snowy biome surrounding the tall mountains on the north-west side of the map.

In order to travel to this area, you’ll need to craft some cold-resistant armor, otherwise you’ll take tick damage from the bitter winds and snow until you expire. Not the best circumstances for mining materials.

To spot Pure Quartz in Palworld, look for dark grey rocks with shining deposits on it. You must use a pickaxe to mine this, preferably one with high durability such as the refined metal pickaxe, to maximise the amount of pure quartz you can gather at a time.

Palworld pure quartz appears as a shiny mineral deposit on rocks

Palworld Pure Quartz farm

To farm Pure Quartz passively in Palworld build a base in the Astral Mountain area which has Pure Quartz deposits that spawn in it, and deploy Pals with mining work suitability to harvest it.

You should also consider adding plenty of storage as well as pals with transporting suitability, so that they will gather the mined Pure Quartz and put it in storage for you. This is the most effective way to passively farm Pure Quartz in Palworld.

What is Pure Quartz used for in Palworld?

You can use Pure Quartz in the production of Circuit Boards, which are needed for all electronic production objects. Each Circuit Board requires 4 x Pure Quartz and 2 x Polymer.

If you’re looking to build an effective assembly line or just want the best weapons that the game has to offer, you’ll definitely want to seek out Pure Quartz to aid in that production.

Make sure to check out our guides on Palworld Polymer, Palworld Circuit Boards, and Palworld Jobs to find out which Pals can be the most effective as you mine for Pure Quartz and create the most efficient assembly lines possible. This way, you’ll really put those Pals to work.