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Where to find a Palworld copper key or silver key

So you've spotted those mysterious chests around the Palpagos Islands that require a copper key or silver key, but where can you find them?

Palworld copper key: Leezpunk is purple and wears a black hoodie

How do you get a Palworld copper key? These keys are needed to open different rarity chests around the Palpagos Islands, and you’ll never know what rewards await until you manage to open them. In our experience, there are plentiful rewards to be obtained from chests that require a key to open them, such as higher rarity gear schematics, gold coins, and more.

While you and your Palworld Pals are adventuring around the islands, you’ll find many of these chests including one right near your base on the Palworld map. To open it, you’ll need to find a Palworld copper key, but how do you get them?

Palworld copper key: some glowing chests need a key to open

Where to find a Palworld copper key

There is a chance of finding a Palworld copper key when you defeat a Leezpunk.

These Dark-type Pals may sometimes invade your base, so ready your defenses and attack with your full might in the hopes of defeating as many Leezpunks as possible. It’s not a guaranteed drop, and in our experience it took around six Leezpunk defeats before a copper key dropped for us.

Base invasions are random events and there’s no way of telling when one will happen, so be sure to have strong Pals on hand to help you defend your valuable home.

A Palworld copper key opens a chest to give rewards

Where to find a Palworld silver key

You can find a Palworld silver key by defeating Leezpunk Pals. 

Similar to a copper key, a silver key can occasionally drop from invading Leezpunks. At level 18 we had our first silver key drop from a Leezpunk. We haven’t yet found other Pals that silver keys can drop from on defeat.

Silver keys will open higher rarity chests than copper keys, but the rewards are plentiful. When opening these chests we found the likes of higher rarity gear schematics, lots of Palworld gold coins, and various materials and ammo.

Now that you know where to find these rare items in order to open nearby chests, you might be interested in the Palworld fighting mechanics, or whether Palworld mods exist yet or not.