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All Palworld difficulty settings and their differences

When creating your Palworld game for the first time, you'll have to choose a difficulty - but which one is best for your playthrough?

Palworld difficulty: A character with pink and black hair and pink eyes

Which Palworld difficulty setting should you choose? When creating your adventure among the Palpagos Islands for the first time you’ll be asked to choose a difficulty. It can be tricky to know which one to choose and what the differences are, so we’ve got you covered.

While you’re exploring the Palworld map you’ll come across more than 100 different Palworld Pals, and there’s helpful missions, quests, and tutorials to follow to get you to the final boss. The Palworld difficulty you choose will largely depend on your playstyle and what you want to get from the game.best-pals-paldeck

The Palworld difficulty menu settings

Palworld difficulty settings

The difficulty settings in Palworld are:

  • Normal – This has standard progression speed, similar to other survival craft games. Gathering materials takes a significant amount of time and relies on your tools being in good condition.
  • Casual – Faster progression speed, similar to other creature collecting games. Capturing Pals is easier and they level up faster. You’ll receive 30% more EXP, doubled Pal capture rate, double the amount of gatherable items and dropped items.
  • Hard – For survival game veterans. Pals are harder to catch and you will get less EXP. Gathering resources and incubating eggs takes longer. You will take more incoming damage and deal less outgoing damage. When you die, all items and Pals will be dropped.
  • Custom – If you’re not sure which difficulty is best for you, you can make a custom difficulty. For example, you could choose a Casual difficulty but adjust the enemy or boss difficulty to normal.

How to change difficulty in Palworld

After starting a world, you can only change the difficulty in the World Select menu before launching your game.

Bear this in mind when you’re setting off on an adventure, as there’s nothing more annoying than making good progress and then getting hit by a wall of difficulty that you cannot pass without quitting out and re-entering.

If you’re enjoying your time in the Palpagos Islands with your newfound Pals, you might be wondering how Palworld fighting or Palworld cooking works, and how you can learn some tips and tricks. We’ve also got all you need to know on Palworld crossplay and cross-progression, so you know which platform to play on.