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Best Pals for Generating Electricity in Palworld

Once you really start leveling up your Palworld base, the best electricity generating Pals can forge materials in a fraction of the time.

Electricity crackles around Grizzbolt, one of the best Electricity Generating Pals in Palworld.

What are the best Generating Electricity Pals in Palworld? Generating Electricity is one of the many work specialties your Pals have, determining what they can do around the bast. In this case, naturally, your Pals generate electricity, using it to power machinery.

As you build and level up your Palworld base, you can recruit more and more of your Palworld Pals to work in the vicinity, keeping machines running, keeping each other fed, breeding, or producing natural Palworld resources, such as honey or wool. You early furnaces require the best Kindling Pals to operate, but more contemporary machinery may run on electricity, requiring the best electricity generating Pals.

Three Jolthog, some of the best Electricity Generating Pals in Palworld.

Best Electricity Generating Pals in Palworld

Orserk is the best Generating Electricity Pal in Palworld, thanks to having the skill at level 4, alongside Transporting at level 3 and handiwork at level 2.

The Generating Electricity work skill is necessary to operate some higher-level machinery, such as the assembly lines and the Electric Kitchen. Thankfully, power can also be stored in a Power Generator.

We’ve listed each of the Palworld Pals with the Generating Electricity skill below, sorted in order of tier and skill level, with level 4 electricity generation in Tier S, down to level 1 at Tier C. However, this doesn’t mean some of the lower level Pals aren’t worth considering, so read on for the best focused electricity generating Pal and more.

Tier Pal
S Orserk
A Relaxaurus Lux, Grizzbolt
B Mossanda Lux, Univolt, Rayhound, Dinossom Lux, Beakon
C Sparkit, Jolthog, Dazzi

Rayhound, one of the best Electricity Generating Pals in Palworld.

Best focused Electricity Generating Pal

If you’re looking for a Pal to only work on generating electricity, then the only consideration in Rayhound, as each of the other Generating Electricity Pals has at least one other skill. Placing a Rayhound in your base ensures that they will always be working on generating electricity when needed, and won’t be caught on another job.

Orserk, one of the best Electricity Generating Pals in Palworld.

Best multi-discipline Electricity Generating Pal

Orserk is without a doubt the best multi-discipline Electricity Generating Pal available, so if and when you’re able to get one or two, we recommend breeding them for more. Orserk is the only Electricity Generating Pal with a skill level of 4, but also, in a category with fairly poor multi-discipline, Orserk’s Handiwork and Transporting skills make them particularly useful, as it’s able to make materials, craft them into recipes, and store those items.

Sparkit, one of the best Electricity Generating Pals in Palworld.

Best early game Electricity Generating Pal

Electricity Pals aren’t the most common in the early game, and while you might get yourself a Jolthog west of Windswept Hills, your best bet is to try and get yourself a Sparkit in the center of the island. Sparkit’s Generating Electricity skill is a level 2, while Jolthog’s is only level 1.

None of these Pals are particularly easy to come by, but you won’t need electricity in your base until you’ve reached at least level 26 anyway, so hopefully you have a powerful enough party to capture these electric-type Pals. For more on Pal types, we’ve got a chart showing weaknesses and strengths in battle, and make sure to keep your Pals working their best and at full health with our guide on how to heal Pals in Palworld.