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This Palworld mod breathes new life into a much-missed gaming mascot

You can keep your Pokémon, there's only one Palworld mod that matters, one that gives Spyro the Dragon his moment in the spotlight.

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Remember Spyro the Dragon? His fans certainly do, but while there’s been a remaster, he hasn’t had a new game in years. Could he be destined for the same retirement home as Cool Spot, James Pond and Gex? One Spyro fan isn’t having that and, to that end, they’ve modded Spyro into Palworld.


It’s been sixteen years (remaster aside) since Spyro the Dragon got a new game. The good news is that there’s now a Palworld mod that adds him to this Pokémon-influenced open-world survival game.

I say added, but what the mod actually does is swap Spyro’s model with Foxsparks. Foxsparks is a fire-flinging fox and one of the many Pals you’ll run into playing Palworld. Given their shared talents, it’s not surprising that Infinatextremer, creator of this mod, saw fit to swap them.

Since the mod (available at NexusMods) replaces every Foxspark with a Spyro, there’s nothing to stop you creating your own army of Spyros, setting fire to anything that dares challenge you. Spyro’s Palworld incarnation is still missing a few sound effects, but he’s a work in progress. After so long without a new game, I’m sure fans will be glad to see Spyro roam free.

Spyro the Dragon, a purple and yellow dragon, with a man crouching near him.

And while NexusMods is not comfortable hosting Palworld Pokémon mods, I can’t see ‘Spyro as Foxsparks’ disappearing any time soon. However, the mod only works if you bought Palworld from Steam. The version of Palworld on Game Pass, and available from the Microsoft store, is not the same as the one Steam (via PCGamer). That, in turn, has led to some crossplatform Palworld issues.

But, as a Pal, Spyro should be able to do everything other Pals can do. You can summon him, build him his own little bed, put him to work in your factory and.. actually, if you’re a dedicated Spyro-head, you might want to steer clear of Palworld’s more ethically suspect features.

Could Spyro be getting his another game someday? There have been rumors that there’s a new one in the works, but until Activision-Blizzard offer confirmation, they’re just rumors. Till then, Palworld will have to be Spyro’s stomping (and scorching) ground.

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