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New Palworld mod makes finding the right Pals incredibly easy

This new Palworld mod gives you instant access to Pal info in the open world, making your catching decisions much simpler on the fly.

There are loads of Pals in Palworld – so many that it can be hard to track how many you’ve captured, and which ones have the best stats for building and battling. Now, going out and getting more Pals can be much simpler, as a brand new mod tells you a Pal’s stats on the fly.

The Palworld mod from ‘Inhumanity’ is quite simple, yet genius, as it displays a range of useful Pal info in the corner of your screen while you’re out in the wild. This gives you an easy way of knowing if that tenth Rushoar you plan on catching is worth it. So if you’re sick of crafting Pal Spheres and, in turn, catching every Pal and hoping for the best, this is the Palworld fix you need.

Aptly called Pal Info, it gives you an incredibly quick look at species capture count, stats, and passive skills in the survival game, giving you an easy-to-follow info dump when you’re out hunting for more Pals.

Palworld mod pal stats: an in-game Palworld screen with the new Pal info UI

Inhumanity adds that they want to add different UI for when you see an ally, enemy, NPC, and more, alongside checking how well the mod works in multiplayer. Like the recent Palworld mod that adds a much-needed minimap to the screen, these are both small but incredibly welcome changes.

There are even hopefully going to be ways to scale the UI for the mod yourself, indicators for if the Pal is ‘lucky’ or a boss, and a whole lot more requests that players are making on the mod page.

You can download Inhumanity’s Pal Info mod right here, with instructions on installing attached.

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