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How to get Palworld Paldium Fragments

You're frantically trying to craft more Pal Spheres to catch new friends in Palworld, but you're out of Paldium Fragments? We've got you covered.

Palworld Paldium Fragments: A small blue pal wears a blue cloak and purple pendant

How do you find Palworld Paldium Fragments? These small, blue fragments are invaluable in Palworld for crafting and upgrading items, structures, weapons, Pal Spheres, and more – but it’s not immediately obvious where to find them. If you’re in a pinch, we’ve got you covered.

Palworld will see you traversing the gorgeous Palpagos Islands and the entirety of the Palworld map to seek out all the Palworld Pals you need to complete your Paldeck and take on bosses. You’ll need plenty of Paldium Fragments to catch them though, so here’s where to find them reliably.

Mining Paldium Fragments in Palworld a t ablue rock

Where to find Paldium Fragments

You can find Paldium Fragments by mining the glowing blue rocks around the Palpagos Islands with a pickaxe. Paldium Fragments also drop from regular rocks, so get your Pals mining away for you for autonomous Paldium collection.

The most reliable method of finding Paldium Fragments is to craft a pickaxe at a work bench and then seek out these small grey rocks with glowing blue veins running through them. This will get you between six and eight Paldium Fragments in the early areas, are fairly frequent, and can be spotted from a significant distance.

Another way of finding Paldium Fragments is to mine normal rocks, and, while not guaranteed, a large rock should drop one or two. Helpfully, large rocks also help you gather stone, another essential Palworld resource for building. Once you unlock and construct the Crusher, you can use it to turn Stone into Paldium Fragments.

Finally, Paldium Fragments, and even Pal Spheres, can be found on the ground. They’ll usually be singular, and rare, but a bundle of four or five can be found together if you’re lucky.

If you’re early on enough in your game, you can speak to the wanderer who’s arrived at your camp, sat near their own campfire. They’ll give you a starter bundle of resources, which includes some wood, stone, and Paldium Fragments.

Now that you know where to find Paldium Fragments, you’ll also need to check how to repair tools and weapons in Palworld, as well as whether your rig is up to the job of the massive adventure ahead with the Palworld system requirements.