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New Palworld mod adds essential feature, and it’s already blasting off

This Palworld mod adds a much needed minimap to Pocketpair's colossal survival game, making navigation just a touch easier for you.

Palworld mod minimap: a black, white, and yellow creature screaming

While Palworld’s early access launch on Steam means we’ve got an entire roadmap of expected features on the way, there’s one thing missing at launch that I didn’t even realize the game needed until I saw someone make a mod for it. That mod’s already started flying too, and it’s an easy way to get a simple, but effective, Palworld minimap.

Now that I’ve said it, I bet you’ve just realized that the Palworld map doesn’t come with an accompanying minimap as you play. While an overcluttered HUD is the last thing anyone wants, this is a great option for the survival game that Pocketpair hasn’t put in yet. This is where modder ‘Dekita’ comes in, as their Palworld minimap mod is here to make navigation just that bit easier.

Now that Palworld mods are in full swing, you’ll want to check out Dekita’s work that’s only been around for a day, but is still flying with the number of downloads. Simply put, it adds a minimap to the bottom right of the screen, but it can also be automatically hidden in battle and do an auto zoom when obstructed, so it does adapt to what you’re doing.

Palworld mod minimap: palworld game screen with a minimap in the bottom right

You can even use it in co-op, all you’ve got to do is press the insert key after loading into a new server. It doesn’t have a fixed north point yet as some minimaps give you the option for, but with how many players are asking for it I can see Dekita adding that soon.

As I mentioned, it’s a small mod when compared to some of the other changes already on offer, but oftentimes these are the mods with the most downloads because it’s what we want most. So if you appreciate a minimap helping you navigate instead of having to keep opening up a menu, check it out.

Dekita’s mod for a Palworld minimap can be found right here, with installation instructions attached.

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