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Best Palworld planting Pals

To keep your base self-sufficient, you’ll need to feed everyone, so you’ll need the best Palworld planting pals to get things started.

What are the best Palworld planting pals? You’ll need many things to succeed in Palworld; guns, Pal Spheres, and even armor can help with the nastier creatures, but one unsung hero of your journey is food. Food keeps you and your pals energized, and can even offer stat boosts further down the line. To harvest crops, though, you’ll first need to sow the seeds, and we have the best pals for that particular job.

Players are taking to Palworld in unprecedented numbers, and are quickly discovering just how important it is to have a constant supply of food. Keeping your pals happy and healthy requires a farm; thankfully this process can be a fully automated feature of your Palworld base with the right pals. Here are the best planters among the Palworld Pals so you can get your farm up and running.

Best planting Pals in Palworld

With a planting level of four, Lyleen is by far the best Palworld planting pal. As well as the impressive planting skill, Lyleen also boasts level three handiwork and level three medicine.

Palworld planting Pals will help to sow seeds such as Palworld Wheat Seeds and Berry Seeds, which will then be watered and harvested in order to add to your ingredients for food production or stocking your food baskets to keep Pals well-fed.

There are quite a few pals who have the planting skill, but at level one, the process can be quite a slow affair. Here is our list of the best planting Pals, sorted by tier and level. S-tier is level four, A is level three, B is level two, and C is level one.

Tier Pals
S Lyleen
A Broncherry, Petallia
B Caprity, Cinnamoth, Dinossom, Elizabee, Mammorest, Mossanda, Mossanda Lux, Verdash, Vaelet
C Bristla, Beegarde, Gumoss, Lifmunk, Robinquill, Tanzee, Warsect, Wumpo

Palworld planting pals: Broncherry

Best focused planting Pal

Broncherry has a planting suitability of level three, and while it isn’t as rapid at planting as Lyleen, it has no other work suitability. This means it won’t get distracted and wander off on other tasks.

Palworld planting Pals Lyleen

Best multi-discipline planting Pal

With a planting suitability of level four, and a gathering suitability of level two, Lyleen can become a one-Pal planting and harvesting machine. It’s also suitable for handiwork and medicine at level three, making it one of the most useful Pals to deploy to your base.

Palworld planting pals Tanzee

Best early game planting Pal

In the beginning, planting Pals will be the difference between happy, healthy base members and depressed ones who overeat and become injured quickly. You should catch and deploy Tanzee to your base as soon as possible as its level one suitability in not just planting but handiwork, lumbering, transporting, and gathering means your food basket will always remain healthily stocked up.

Now that you know who the best Palworld planting pals are, you’ll have to assemble a team around them to ensure your farm is fully functional. You can check out our lists of the best Palworld kindling Pals, or the best Palworld Pals for medicine production to ensure optimal efficiency.

Additional contributions by Paul Kelly.