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Where to get Palworld Polymer

Learn how to craft Palworld Polymer, the ingredients you need to find out in the wild, and what facilities in your base you need to make it.

Palworld polymer: an assembly line of cattiva transports materials

How do you get Palworld Polymer? As one of the more advanced resources available in the early access build, Polymer can be tricky to source if you don’t know where to look. To get it, you must venture out into the higher-level regions and harvest materials from enemies that your Pals can then refine at your base.

But why do you need Palworld Polymer in the first place? It’s an essential ingredient required to craft the best Palworld weapons, such as rifles and launchers. You can also make other Palworld items, improve your production assembly lines, and create advanced storage like refrigerators. So here is what you need to do to get this late-game resource.

A Dumud, which looks like a gormless catfish, in the Paldeck showing its possible drops. One is the High Qualityt Pal Oil, which is needed to make Palworld polymer.

How to make Palworld Polymer

To get Palworld Polymer, you need to use an assembly line to refine High Quality Pal Oil at your base. You can unlock the Polymer recipe at Technology level 33. To automate this process, you’ll need a Pal with the handiwork skill to use the machine.

If you need to locate these items, check out our Palworld High Quality Pal Oil guide to see which Palworld Pals can give you this valuable resource. We highly recommend that you spend some time farming High-Quality Pal Oil from a source relatively close to a fast travel point and bring a Pal of a super-effective Palworld type to speed up the process.

You can then use it to make other components for the more advanced technology. Weapons such as single-shot rifles require Polymers to craft, as do circuit boards, which are needed to make the highest-powered launchers, and other electric-powered gadgets such as kitchens, heaters, and coolers.

There are other hard-to-find resources outside of Palworld Polymer, so you’re going to have to venture out into the world to find them. We have guides on where to find Palworld sulfur, Palworld coal, and Palworld pure quartz, among many others. These should help you get parts such as Palworld carbon fiber which you need to make machinery and devices unlocked in the higher technology levels.