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Palworld crosses special milestone as devs vow to stomp out cheaters

Survival game Palworld just crossed a big milestone, and developer Pocketpair is far from done preventing cheaters from taking over.

Lily Everhart in Palworld

Pocketpair’s hit Pokémon-style indie game is growing in numbers with each passing day, and Palword just reached an extra special milestone. Despite the celebrations, Pocketpair still has its sights set on in-game cheating.

On February 22, 2024, Palworld celebrated reaching 25 million players just a month after being released on January 19. “Total number of players exceeds 25 million,” Pocketpair says on X (formerly known as Twitter). “It’s been a month since #Palworld was released, thank you!”

Fans also got a breakdown of that figure, with Steam users accounting for 15 million players while Xbox consoles delivered 10 million to the survival game. The developer thanked fans again for their continued support and committed to updates, saying “We will continue to prioritize fixing bugs and preventing further cheating.”

Palworld's milestone post on X

Palworld cheats have quickly made the rounds, becoming a problem as soon as the first week after release. And players using them are affecting the experience of others, according to Pocketpair. It seems no external solution has been deployed yet, but it’s still a top priority.

Pocketpair previously stated its plans to devise a Palworld anti-cheat solution after some players found themselves unable to connect to official Palworld servers because of “cheating and the influence of fraudulent activities,” the developer shared on the game’s Steam page.

Palworld patch was soon released as a countermeasure “against various cheats and exploits”. Although, Pocketpair admitted it’s “difficult to completely prevent all cheating immediately.”

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Whether you enjoy modding games to high heaven to make them breezier or a staunch aim-bot hater, most gamers will likely agree that negatively affecting other players who want to keep things simple is not ideal. Alas, dealing with cheaters, or being one of them, is a part of modern gaming that likely won’t be resolved any time soon.

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