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Palworld dev apologizes for “inadvertently fixing” popular bug

Palworld developer Pocketpair has apologized for accidentally fixing an incredibly popular bug in the most recent v0.1.5.0 patch on PC.

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Pocketpair has apologized for fixing a bug in Palworld, as you can no longer capture the incredibly powerful tower boss Pals. Palworld update v0.1.5.0 just dropped, and with it comes plenty of fixes, even if one is for a well-used exploit that helps you snag some great Pals (and their Pal Tamers, no less) with minimal effort.

Palworld v0.1.5.0 does a lot of routine fixes, including getting rid of a bug that lets you catch the incredibly powerful tower boss Pals. The survival game makes a point of telling you that you can’t catch these bosses, but if speedrunning has taught us anything it’s that players will find ways to break the rules.

Pocketpair doesn’t say whether or not it will put the bug back into the game, but the developer does at least acknowledge how popular of a bug it was, and apologizes for accidentally getting rid of it.

Palworld update apology fixing bug: a tweet from Pocketpair apologising for fixing a bug

“As a result of various bugs that we fixed in the most recent patch, a bug that allowed players to capture the tower boss was unintentionally fixed. We apologize for inadvertently fixing a bug.”

Palword’s v0.1.5.0 patch notes don’t mention the Tower Boss bug at all, so it’s likely that a series of other fixes just rendered it impossible going forward. Catching the Palworld bosses was quite simple too, all you needed to do was attack PIDF officers, fast-travel to a boss arena, enter with a wanted level and an officer, and get the officer to accidentally shoot the boss. From here you could throw a Pal Sphere at the boss and catch it, giving you an incredibly powerful Pal with minimal effort.

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While this doesn’t work in Palworld right now, Pocketpair’s awareness of the issue could mean that the team will find a way to let you capture boss Pals legitimately, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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