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Paralives shows The Sims 4 how colorful the world can be

The team behind the upcoming indie game Paralives has been showing off some of its colorful furniture, drawing me further away from The Sims 4.

A woman wearing a yellow dress with short purple hair stands in a living room

Paralives could not come any sooner. As a lover of all things to do with simulation games, I have spent thousands of hours playing games like The Sims 4 only to find myself eventually disappointed. I simply end up wanting something different, or something more, and it usually prompts me to spend hours downloading mods. Paralives, an indie game similar to The Sims, regularly sees updates posted about its planned content. The developers recently showed off some of their new colorful additions to the upcoming game, and everything is stunning, from the flora to the furniture.

Pastel pink seating shown in a well-lit living room with a flat-screen TV and cactus plant in the background

I mean, just look at it. The soft pink ottoman, the little basked of pastel-colored slippers, the adorable painting of a rosy-cheeked fox… Paralives is planning to bring to its base game what The Sims 4 brought only after multiple paid expansion packs. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Pastel Pop Kit, but Paralives is absolutely killing it with these content updates. Little details like the open book on the ottoman are what I’m all about, especially as someone who spends 90% of their time in Sims games playing with the move objects cheat on.

A well-lit bedroom with a soft pink double bed and a yellow couch with blue pillows

The lighting also looks spectacular in Paralives, and it just helps complement the soft colors shown on the furnishings. I have always wished that The Sims 4 could have a bit more color or pop to its world, whether that be indoors or outdoors, and it seems like Paralives is bringing that vibrance.

The trees and flowers showcased by the devs are also adorable, featuring soft yet bright colors and a really warm cartoony feel. I’m excited to see how the world looks in its entirety, but I am already in love with the ways the devs are going to let us decorate our outdoor spaces. It doesn’t feel like too much or too little, but rather a really nice amount of choice that isn’t overwhelming.

You can check out the full released notes on the Paralives Patreon here to get a better look at everything they’ve released with the public update. The devs made sure to state that everything featured is resizable and that they “have a lot of work ahead” as they still want to get through more new plants. If it’s anything like what they’ve shown thus far, my color-obsessed heart will be happy.

While I wait to learn more about Paralives, I’ll be (im)patiently waiting for The Sims 4 Horse Ranch. If you also love these sorts of cozy games, chances are that you could find some cute ways to spice up your base Sims game with our list of the best Sims 4 mods. For non-Sims-specific content, you can check out some of our other favorite life games while you wait for more Paralives news.