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Cult of the Lamb and Party Animals tease upcoming crossover

Ahead of the Cult of the Lamb Sins of the Flesh update, the adorable roguelike is seemingly coming to multiplayer indie game Party Animals.

Party Animals Cult of the Lamb crossover - A shadowy black-and-red figure of a Lamb wearing a crown with an eyeball on it, backed by cartoon animals flying through the air.

The adorably evil Cult of the Lamb is preparing to get raucous with its latest free update, with guns, alcohol, and sex all being introduced to the roguelike game. As we prepare for the Sins of the Flesh release date, it looks like its eponymous Lamb is readying for yet more chaos in a new crossover with indie multiplayer game Party Animals.

Launched in September 2023, Party Animals feels like an obvious excursion for the characters of Cult of the Lamb, with the indie games both centering around cute animals getting violent. I’m perhaps a little concerned that, for all their chaotic brawling, the Party Animals cast might not quite be prepared for the blood-soaked, sacrifice-loving protagonist from Massive Monster’s cult simulator, but we’ll just have to find out.

The Party Animals account shares a short video featuring a shadowy figure bathed in red light. The eyeball crown is a fairly dead giveaway that we’re dealing with Cult of the Lamb’s lead, while the staggering animation is clearly that of the ragdolling Party Animals cast.

Party Animals Cult of the Lamb crossover - A shadowy figure lit in red resembling the Lamb.

As if further confirmation were needed, the end of the video includes the binary code “1000011 1001111 1010100 1001100,” which translates simply to ‘COTL.’ As of yet, there’s been no tease on the Cult of the Lamb side, so this might only be a one-way collaboration – although, as mentioned, perhaps the joyful creatures of Party Animals are best kept far away from the new Cult of the Lamb: Sins of the Flesh update, which arrives Tuesday January 16.

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