Is Party Animals split screen?

Learn the steps you need to take to play Party Animals split screen with other local players, and some important details you should know beforehand.

Three beasts struggling for dear life to survive as they play Party Animals split screen next to giant fans.

Can you play Party Animals split screen? As a casual game with tons of chaotic hype and charming characters with nifty costumes, it’s little wonder that many wish to play Party Animals with their friends. That said, it’s not immediately clear if those living in the same household or friends visiting can join for local multiplayer madness.

The good news is that it’s entirely possible to play Party Animals split screen, and it’s an absolute hoot to play this party fighting game with your local pals. We will guide you through the steps to set up a local Party Animals split screen multiplayer match and point out some important caveats you should be aware of beforehand. While you’re here, check out the Party Animals codes when they go live and dates for the latest Party Animals Twitch drops to unlock cool skins.

The setup screen showing that three players are now connected via controller and are ready to play Party Animals split screen.

How to play Party Animals in split screen

Yes, you can play Party Animals split screen with up to four local players. To set it up, you need multiple controllers to connect to your PC. Once you’ve connected your controllers, create a custom game and press the right trigger on each controller to add new players.

In addition to the keyboard and mouse, you can use any conventional controller type, namely Xbox, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch Pro controllers, without any additional setup on the Steam version of Party Animals.

While playing multiplayer split screen with friends is possible, some critical limitations exist. If you’re using different types of controllers, the button prompts will only match the primary pad. For example, if player one is using an Xbox controller and everyone else is using a PlayStation 5 pad, the Dualsense users will have to adjust to the Xbox prompts.

That said, this is just for the Steam version, as only Xbox controllers will be supported natively if you are playing through the Microsoft Store, such as on Xbox Game Pass for PC.

The view of three players playing Party Animals split screen. The goose has shocked the cat with a stun gun while the duck watches.

Most importantly, only the primary player will gain experience, as the others who join for local multiplayer shenanigans are all considered guests. If you wish to play using your own profile, you must play online and join the lobby from there. It’s also impossible to add guest players to Quick Play sessions, so you won’t be able to complete weekly challenges.

And that’s how you can play Party Animals split screen. You should now be ready to brawl to your heart’s content in this multiplayer game, throwing each other off cliffs, grabbing sweets to score for your team, or causing mayhem with bombs and other weapons.