Get Payday 2 as a free game ahead of its sequel

Payday 2 is a free game for you to claim with Prime Gaming in August, with Star Wars, and more, alongside rewards for Diablo 4 and League of Legends.

Payday 2 free with Prime Gaming August - a person in a heavy armored suit with a skull painted on the front.

Payday 2 is a free game in August, giving you the perfect chance to get ready for the upcoming Payday 3 release date. The co-op heist shooter is just one of the freebies you can claim as a Prime Gaming member throughout August, with Star Wars and Farming Simulator all joining Payday 2 on the table. There’s also plenty of in-game items, including Diablo 4 Prime gaming rewards, so read on for the full list.

If you’ve still never played Payday 2, it’s one of the best heist games around – it really shines when you can pull together a crew of like-minded friends to help you infiltrate everything from banks to clubs in search of as much loot and cash as you can get your hands on. If you’re a solo player, however, there’s still a ton to enjoy in Payday 2, as the stealth options give you a very viable alternative to going loud.

Elsewhere, you can grab Farming Simulator 19, one of the most relaxing games around, as well as Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2. While it might not quite stand up alongside its predecessor among the best Star Wars games, Force Unleashed 2 is still a healthy dose of chaotic, force-sensitive fun that’ll see you tormenting all manner of stormtroopers and other unfortunate souls with your telekinetic abilities.

Among the Prime gaming rewards are some tier skips to help you ahead in the Diablo 4 battle pass, along with free Honkai Rail Stellar Jade, some League of Legends skins, free Hearthstone card packs, 400,000 Dead by Daylight Bloodpoints, and goodies for a number of big MMOs including World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, RuneScape, and Black Desert Online. If you aren’t yet a Prime subscriber, check out the link below for more details on how to join.

Prime Gaming free games August 2023

Here are all the free games with Prime Gaming in August:

  • August 3: PayDay 2 + “The Gage Mod Courier” DLC (Epic Games Store) – Descend onto Washington D.C. for an epic crime spree in this action-packed, four player co-op shooter that lets you don the masks of the original PayDay crew of Dallas, Hoxton, Wof and Chains. In addition to the core game, members can also claim the Gage Mod Courier DLC, which includes around 28 new weapon modifications and 10 achievements for players that enjoy achievement hunting.
  • August 10: Farming Simulator 19 (Epic Games Store) – Take control of new machinery, handle crops, expand your farm, tend to your livestock  and explore land inspired by new American and European environments.
  • August 10: Blade Assault (Amazon Games App) – Fight against the corrupt military of Esperanza to bring the corrupt to justice by gathering strength and fighting alongside trusty comrades in this 2D action rogue-lite platformer.
  • August 17: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 (Amazon Games App) – Take on the role of Starkiller and embark on a journey to discover his identity, reunite with his one true love and defeat Darth Vader in this sequel to a beloved classic.
  • August 17: Foretales (Amazon Games App) – Decide the fate of the world via a multitude of playstyles and story paths through which you can save the world… or bring about its end in this ingenious story-driven card game.
  • August 17: Driftland: The Magic Revival (Amazon Games App) – Take on the role of a powerful mage capable of moving and connecting floating lands, develop a mighty empire, and restore the shattered planet Driftland to its former glory!
  • August 24: In Sound Mind (Amazon Games App) – Journey within the inner workings of the mind as players encounter frenetic puzzles, unique boss fights and original music in this imaginative first-person psychological horror.
  • August 31: Summertime Madness (Legacy Games Code) – Find escape from your prison, trapped inside a canvas as an artist who made a deal with the devil, or be stuck forever in the painting.
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Prime Gaming rewards August 2023

Here are all the Prime Gaming rewards for August 2023:

  • Now available: Call of Duty: Warzone – World Series of Warzone Rat Pack Bundle
  • Now available: Gems of Destiny: Homeless Dwarf [Legacy Games Code]
  • Now available: Once Upon a Jester [Amazon Games App]
  • Now available: Roguebook [Amazon Games App]
  • August 2: Dead By Daylight – 400K Bloodpoints
  • August 2: League of Legends – The BONK emote
  • August 2: Mojo Melee – Gwyn Rockhopper Champion & Ore Bundle
  • August 3: Diablo IV – 4 Tier Skips
  • August 3: Madden NFL 23 – 1 96 OVR Redzone Royale Quinnen Williams and 1 NFG South Division Alternative Uniform
  • August 3: Warframe – Melee Weapon Bundle
  • August 9: Honkai: Star Rail – 60 Stellar Jades, 8 Traveler’s Guides,5 Disposable Kinetic Cannons
  • August 9: Fall Guys – Jungle Penguin Bow Starflight Sneakers,1,000 Kudos
  • August 10: PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS – 20 Contraband Coupons, 1 Hunter’s Chest, 1 Key
  • August 10: Teamfight Tactics – 120 Treasure Tokens
  • August 14: Bloons TD 6 – Primary Monkeys Insta Pack
  • August 14: Pokémon GO – Premium Battle Pass,Silver Pinap Berry
  • August 15: Black Desert Online – Storage Maid Fairy Irene
  • August 15: Guild Wars 2 – Fuzzy Quaggan Hat, 5 Transmutation Charges, 2 Heroic Boosters
  • August 15: RuneScape – 200 Runecoins, 35 TH Keys, 1 Umbral Chest
  • August 16: Star Trek: Timelines – 300 Chronitons

Diablo 4 Prime Gaming - Lilith, a grey-faced demon.

  • August 17: Overwatch 2 – 5+ Tier Skips
  • August 18: League of Legends – 1 Mystery Skin Permanent, 1 Champion Permanent, 1 30-Day XP Boost, 350 Riot Points, 1 Mystery Ward Skin, 2 Series 1 Eternal Shards, 200 Orange Essence, Giga Darius emote
  • August 21: Paladins – Mal’Damba skin
  • August 21: Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis – Clear Goggles, 36: Pose 6, Rappy-Shaped Fritters
  • August 22: Shadow Fight 3 – Butcher Legendary Set, “Butcher Knives” Style
  • August 23: Hearthstone – 3 Standard Card Packs
  • August 24: World of Warcraft – Tabard of Brilliance Transmog
  • August 25: League of Legends: Wild Rift – Random Bauble chest
  • August 29: Naraka: Bladepoint – Background – Fate Entwined Dawn

If you want to jump in, we’ve got the details on how to set up the best Payday 2 builds so you can feel like a veteran from day one, along with all the best Payday 2 mods to take your game to the next level.