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Pet Catchers codes May 2024

All the latest Pet Catchers codes so you can get free pets, berries, elixirs, and other goodies to buff your team and take down the bosses.

Pet Catchers codes: a Roblox man standing next to a green dragon.

May 16, 2024: We’ve had a look around for new Pet Catchers codes for the Bruh Invasion update.

What are the newest Pet Catchers codes? Catching cute critters in capsules is the way to go in this creature-collecting simulator. What begins with you gathering rather ordinary creatures, such as dogs and rabbits, quickly evolves into one where you’re trying to swipe mythical monsters.

To help you in your endeavor, you can use these Pet Catchers codes to help nab even the rarest and most challenging pets. One or two even give you some unique new friends to join you. As it’s a relatively young game, you may run out of stuff to do. However, there are also plenty of other cute animal-based Roblox experiences available. We have plenty of Pet Simulator 99 codes if you want a more established pet-collecting simulator, while there are also the more focused Bee Swarm Simulator codes for those who love buzzing around with cute bumblebee friends.

New Pet Catchers codes

Here are all the new Pet Catchers codes:

  • REBOOT – 10 Sea Elixers, 5k Festive Mystery Eggs, 1 Primsatic Sundae, 15 Elixer eggs, and 15 Super Lucky Elixers (NEW)
  • Likes27 one golden cherry, one lucky elixir, and one coin elixir.
  • atlantis – two magic pendants.
  • gravypet – Gravycatman pet, 200 berries, and three coin elixirs.
  • russoplays – Russo pet, 200 berries, and three coin elixirs.
  • brite – Brite pet, 200 berries, and three coin elixirs.

Expired codes

  • easter
  • superboost
  • runes
  • void
  • update1
  • Cherry
  • ilovefishing
  • lucky
  • Release

The Pet Catchers codes redeem screen where you enter words to get free items.

How to redeem Pet Catchers codes

To redeem Pet Catchers codes, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Open Pet Catchers via the official Roblox game page.
  • Click the Extras button on the left side of the screen and then codes.
  • Enter your code and click enter to claim your freebies.

If the Pet Catchers code has worked, you’ll get a pop-up window showing the freebies you now have in your inventory. Otherwise, you will get an error message if the code is invalid or one that you’ve used already.

How do I find more Pet Catchers codes

For those of you who want more Pet Catchers codes, the easiest thing to do is to wait for us to update this guide. We are constantly looking for new updates and codes and will pop them here when we find them so they’re in one place, and you don’t need to sign up for anything.

If you don’t mind signing up for things, there are three ways to get Pet Catchers codes. The first is to open the game via the official Pet Catchers Roblox page, and look at the Like the Game board in the first world. Alternatively, there are links to the @RumbleStudiosRB Twitter/X profile and the Discord server. If you join the developer Discord channel, it’ll be under the announcements tab and the PC codes section, while the Twitter/X handle occasionally tweets new codes out.

When is the next Pet Catchers update?

The next Pet Catchers update will be on April 25, titled ‘The Atlantis Update Part Two’. This includes Hardcore Bosses, a revamp of the index, and more.

Part one of the Atlantis Update for Pet Catchers was released on April 18. It included a new world with 14 new pets, a set of rotating secret pets available for a limited time, new items, titles, talents, quest givers, and tons of other stuff.

Check back soon, as there are regular Pet Catchers codes updates with new freebies. In the meantime, a whole host of Roblox games are waiting for your attention. If you want to look stylish, these Roblox promo codes give you items that should work with most experiences, while the Roblox music codes will give any game an awesome soundtrack – so long as it has a functioning radio.