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New Phasmophobia ghost type will go Dead by Daylight on you

One of the new Phasmophobia ghost types has a faster variant that makes the Deogen feel a lot like a Dead by Daylight killer rather than a slow spirit

The Deogen can be slow but this new Phasmophobia ghost type can be fast too

A number of new Phasmophobia ghost types were added in the recent June update, but one variation of the creepy but slow-moving Deogen ghost turns the experience into almost something out of another of the best horror games on PC – Dead by Daylight.

We’ve known since May that a few new ghost types were being added in the new Phasmophobia update, and the introduction Kinetic Games gave about the Deogen type was the ominous advice that players could “run, but you can’t hide” from it.

Creepy stuff, and this materialised in-game as the relentless but slow-moving spirit that constantly stalks the player zombie-like while in full view. That’s already edging closer to the territory operated by the likes of Friday the 13th, Dead by Daylight et cetera – especially as most Phasmophobia ghosts remain invisible most of the time. However, just to make things worse, one player encountered a terrifying ‘broken back’ Deogen variant that actually run straight at them and was a far cry from the shambling regular version.

Seeing player Crickettt_ avoid the Deogen by circling around a kitchen cabinet definitely brought to mind avoiding the killer in Dead by Daylight, and this hunched-over version of the Deogen reminded me of that game’s new creature the Dredge.

Didn’t know what to expect from the new Deogen, seeing it sprint straight for me with a broken back almost gave me a heart attack. from PhasmophobiaGame

Hopefully, not all ghosts in Phasmophobia will act like this. My heart couldn’t take it.

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