The next Phasmophobia map is a smaller Asylum

The Phasmophobia devs at Kinetic Games want to take you back to the asylum. The next Phasmophobia map is Sunny Meadows, and loadouts are coming too

Prepare to be hunted by the Deogen in the new Phasmophobia map, Sunny Meadows

Developer Kinetic Games has offered a tease of the next Phasmophobia map, which will apparently be a smaller version of the massive Asylum called Sunny Meadows. Furthermore, the ghost game will get a much-requested feature soon – item loadouts.

While there’s been no shortage of new ghosts and ghost-hunting items added to Phasmophobia, the horror game hasn’t had a proper new map to explore since the Nightmare update in October 2021 brought the Maple Lodge Campsite and all of its fun Easter eggs.

In a new blog post on Steam, Kinetic Games offers a tease of a new map with, well, an actual map. It’s rather faded, but it shows the general layout for a new mental institution location called Sunny Meadows, a far smaller version of the current Asylum – which is still Phasmophobia’s biggest map.  “The number of rooms has been brought down considerably when compared to the current Asylum,” says Kinetic Games, “but fear not, it’s still plenty big enough for ghosts and investigators alike to get lost amongst the long corridors, dense rooms, and smashed lights.”

The team also teased a Custom Difficulty option, as well as an in-universe computer to buy items from rather than the immersion-breaking main menu option. Kinetic is also working on another “highly requested” feature, loadouts.

“That’s right, no longer will you have to buy individual items (or ALL of them) every time you want to start a contract,” the post confirms. “With Loadouts, you’ll be able to set up a template, buy only the items you are missing, and add them all with just a few clicks.”

The downside of all this is that Kinetic doesn’t have a firm timetable as to when these features will be added to Phasmophobia, so you’ll just have to wait patiently. In the dark.