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XCOM successor Phoenix Point’s next DLC will add a Mad Max-like faction

The Phoenix Point Kaos Engines DLC will add a new faction and customizable Mad Max-style buggy.

The Phoenix Point Kaos Engines DLC is out in a month

Phoenix Point is the XCOM successor from Snapshot Games and Julian Gollop, one of the creators of the X-Com franchise, and the developer has revealed the game’s fifth major DLC – the Mad Max-like Kaos Engines, along with the expansion’s release date for March.

There are a lot of great games that try to best XCOM 2, but as fans wait patiently for XCOM 3 they probably couldn’t do better than Phoenix Point – a similar turn-based strategy and equally as engaging. Phoenix Point released in December 2019 and has had multiple DLC expansions since – with the most recent being Corrupted Horizons in September 2021.

Now developed Snapshot has finally lifted the lid on DLC 5 – Kaos Engines, which will release on all platforms – yes, even Stadia – on March 1. It’ll cost around $4.99 USD but will be free to Season Pass and Expansion Pass holders, as well as people who backed the game on Fig – and will add a whole new faction to the game, and more.

The Kaos Syndicate is a new side and, entirely based on the customisable Kaos Buggy they’re bringing along – see the trailer below – they seem a little Mad Max-inspired. The buggy itself definitely is and sports two new weapons too. There are five new Kaos Tech guns, which are powerful but unpredictable, and four new missions for players to take on.

Phoenix Point is available free with Game Pass for PC and Xbox, but the upcoming DLC might not be. As for XCOM, while there’s still no sign of XCOM 3, several developers behind the series are working on a Star Wars strategy game that may be the next best thing – apart from Phoenix Point, of course.